Pet Eye Infections FAQ

Eye infections not only make your pet miserable, but they can also cause your pet to go blind. Fortunately, many eye infections can be successfully treated if you bring your pet to your veterinarian when the infection is in its early stages. Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital in San Diego, CA lists pet eye infections FAQs.

What Causes Eye Infections in Pets?

Eye infections are caused by many different reasons. They include getting a tiny object in the eyes, like a grass seed or hair, or they can be caused by smaller irritants like pollen or mold. They can also be caused by bacteria, viruses, injuries to the eye, or tumors. Birth defects also cause constant eye infections, like entropic eyelids, where the eyelashes grow inside the eyelid.

What Are the Signs of Eye Infections in Pets?

Your pet may squint or keep the infected eye closed. Your pet will constantly rub the eye and face. There may be discharge from the eye, which can be either watery or thick. The discharge may have a bad smell. The eye itself is often red and the eyelids, eyes or part of the face may be swollen. The third eye may be seen more often and it, too, may be swollen.

Do Pets Change Their Behavior When They Have Eye Infections?

Pets are in pain, so they do not want to play or be cuddled. They may want to hide or be in darker places. It can hurt to have their faces touched, so they may bite or scratch in self-defense. They may even lose their appetites. Always call your veterinarian when your pet has a drastic change in behavior.

Could There Be Other Reasons for These Signs?

There are parasites, vitamin deficiencies and conditions like glaucoma and dry eye that may cause signs similar to an eye infection. It’s important to get your pet diagnosed by your vet so that he or she can get the right treatment.

Can I Give My Pet My Eye Drops?

Never give human medication to your pet. It will not work and may make your pet sick. Only use eye drops prescribed by your vet.

Do Eye Infections Go Away on Their Own?

Eye infections in pets usually get worse over time. They need to be treated right away.

How Are Pet Eye Infections Treated?

Treatment varies depending on the cause, but often they are given oral medications or medicated eye drops or ointments. Some causes, like tumors or birth defects, may need surgery.

Your Veterinarian in San Diego, CA

If your pet shows signs of having an eye infection and you live in the San Diego, CA area, contact Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital at (858) 292-6116 to make an appointment today. 

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