Full Mouth Pet Extractions

By doing your part to take care of your pet's dental health, you will help prolong their ability to maintain healthy teeth. To do this, you need to try and brush your pet's teeth just about every day. You can also offer your pet bones and other chew toys that can reduce the level of plaque on its teeth. Even so, circumstances may arise where your pet’s teeth need to be extracted. If you need pet dental services in San Diego, Tierrasanta Veterinary is ready to assist you. We have years of experience providing pet dental care including full mouth extractions.


Importance of Full Mouth Pet Extractions

Hopefully, your pet’s teeth will last a lifetime with the proper care. However, even under the best of care, your pet might run into some problems with their dental work. When this is the case it is necessary to perform an extraction. If the problem tooth is not extracted it can lead to several issues. 

Why would your pet need a tooth extracted? It may be rotted through, or it might have struck a solid object which has caused the nerve endings to die. In both instances, the tooth needs to be removed. If left unaddressed, rot can spread to other teeth. It may also lead to gum disease. Over time, this can lead to numerous oral conditions. Routine dental exams performed by our veterinarian can help you avoid these health concerns.

Veterinarian in San Diego

At Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital, we have the knowledge and experience to provide your pet with the best possible dental care. Full mouth extractions can be of critical importance for the overall health of your pet. If your pet is suffering from dental problems, our veterinarian will assess the condition of your pet and provide treatment accordingly. For more information on pet dental care or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call us at (858) 292-6116.

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