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2023 Sponsors


This Fund has supported numerous pets in need of crucial care when their owners are short on funds, and is available to aid in any care that is needed including euthanasias, dentals, surgeries and critical medications. 

Since the Funds inception back in 2017 we have raised over $5,000.00! This is an accumulation of donations collected at our dog wash events as well as individual donations that we accept year round. The Tierrasanta Pet Assistance Fund allows our hospital to provide much needed assistance to our clients in need, and we take great pride in this funding. The money is provided solely by donations from clients, neighbors, and the public allowing us to provide veterinary care to the clients and patients who need it most. We are proud to offer such an amazing program and help our most deserving patients through difficult times.


Below are the testimonials from those whose pets have received care funded by our charity. 

“Our sweet Baby Lexi just turned 9 and had not shown any signs of anything wrong 
before she suddenly passed. We did not anticipate needing to pay vet bills at the time the tragic 
day came. We sadly had to put her to rest two weeks before Christmas, our family was and is 
heartbroken. With two small children and one on the way we cannot be more grateful. Thank you 
from the bottom of our hearts! This military family will be recommending the Tierrasanta 
Veterinary Hospital to anyone in need. Thank you for being so caring.
With love, 
The Pearsons Family"

“My dog Maya went in to get spayed and I received a phone call from Dr. Michelle 
Schexneider concerned about Maya’s teeth. She is around six years old and I was never able to 
afford getting her spayed, much less her much needed dental work. My husband is active duty 
Navy and I’m a stay at home mom and attend San Diego Mesa College full time. We were 
approved for CareCredit yet I didn't have enough money for her much needed dental work. 
Thank you to our wonderful veterinarian and the people who have donated this fund. I love my 
dog very much and she is a great part of our family, but we cannot always afford to give her the 
extra veterinarian care she needs. I hope to one day pay it forward and help someone the way 
you guys have helped us.
With sincere thanks, 
Tanya O."

“I had no idea this fund existed. When my dog got sick, I was able to get a quick 
appointment at Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital, but unfortunately circumstances have left me 
unable to afford typical vet costs. Dr. S told me about the assistance fund and I am, so very 
grateful to her and everyone who has donated to make this fund available! I don't really have 
adequate words to express my thankfulness to all of the wonderful people whose wish it is to see 
beloved pets receive the care they need!
With sincere thanks and appreciation, 
Mrs. H"

“I can’t thank the employees of Tierrasanta enough for their kindness, compassion and 
support of me and my beloved Finn in our time of need. I'm the owner of two fifteen-year-old 
cats: Finn and Chester, whom I adopted when they were four months (and I was twenty years 
old). It hasn't always been easy to be their mom. I mean, it's always been easy to love 
them…they're adorable and caring and sweet…they've been there for me through thick and 
thin…but I’ve faced a lot of challenges over the years in being able to provide and care for them, 
while at the same time struggling to provide and take care of myself as a single, disabled women. 
Since I became too sick to work, I've beat myself, thinking “You can't even support yourself. 
They'd be better off with someone else, you should just surrender them to a shelter”. We've 
experienced homelessness and the threat of homelessness more than once, but I could never 
bring myself to give them up (choosing instead, at one point, to sleep in my care for two weeks, 
rather than lose them forever). They have been my (unofficial) emotional support animals, and it 
feels intolerable to imagine a life without them. 
Unfortunately, as all pet owners know, they can't actually stay with us forever and their 
recent declines in health make it impossible to deny that the end is near. I would do anything to 
keep them safe from pain, but I am struggling to afford my own medical care among other needs, 
and the prospect of not being able to give them comfort and decency at the end of their lives after 
everything they've done for me, has weighed so heavily on my heart and mind. Last weekend, 
Finn faced a more urgent issue and I found myself at Tierrasanta, full of fear and guilt and grief. 
I had previously looked into financial assistance available for vet care and realized that he was 
too old, and too sick, to qualify for most. With tears running down my face, I had to be 
completely honest with the doctor in saying that I didn't want him to suffer, but I couldn't really 
afford to treat him. To hear that there was help available, and that we wouldn't be turned away, 
was incredibly relieving. We are still facing having to say our final goodbyes soon, but now I 
have hope that when the time does come, we won't be alone. 
As I said, I can't thank Dr. Schexneider and her extremely compassionate team enough, 
but to those who have donated so selflessly to help people like me and my Finn: please know 
what a difference it has made.
With the sincerest of gratitude,
Kathleen H."

This event always produces a fantastic turn out and is a great way to advertise to the local community. As we continue to expand this event we are accepting sponsors to help make these events as fun and inviting as possible. 

Tier 1: $50

  • Your promotional material will be displayed during the entire event, as well as going home with attendees in a goodie bag. 

Tier 2: $75

  • All attendees will receive a goody bag that will include sponsor promotional material.
  • Your logo will be on our event flyers, including flyers at the Tierrasanta Parade and social media posts.

Tier 3: $100

  • All attendees will receive a goody bag that will include sponsor promotional material.
  • Your logo will be on our event flyers, and social media posts.
  • Your logo and a link to your website will be featured on our website as a featured sponsor for our Fund for a year. 
  • You may set up a booth at our event to advertise your company. 

This is a prime opportunity for you to advertise your business as we attract a high volume of attendees at each event . All proceeds from this event will be deposited directly into the account to go towards helping a patient in the future. 


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