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At Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital, our San Diego veterinarian and team takes great pride in providing your beloved pet with the highest standard of care. Whether your pet is in need of routine/preventative care or treatment for a serious medical condition, our team is here to help. One of the more popular services we provide is that of vaccinations for your animals. And while most dog owners know to have their dogs vaccinated against rabies, many owners don't realize that rattlesnake vaccines are also recommended in this area.

Dog and snakeReasons to Consider a Rattlesnake Vaccine in San Diego

There are many reasons to consider having your dog vaccinated against rattlesnake bites from our Tierrasanta vet. Unfortunately, rattlesnake bites can (and often are) fatal in dogs and other smaller pets, so having your pet vaccinated against the venom from a rattlesnake is a great way to protect them. Furthermore, because rattlesnakes are relatively common in this part of the country, this vaccination is recommended for most dogs. All it takes is one rattlesnake in your yard or even encountering a rattlesnake on a walk for a potentially fatal bite to occur. By having your pet vaccinated, you can enjoy added peace of mind.

Specifically, this rattlesnake vaccine works by producing antibodies against the western diamondback rattlesnake in your dog's body. Essentially, in the event of a bite, these antibodies will neutralize the venom, making it easier for your dog to recover with less swelling, pain, and other side effects. This vaccine is also effective against some other types of snake venom, including the sidewinder and copperhead.

What to Expect From a Rattlesnake Vaccine

If you're thinking about getting your dog this vaccination, we recommend that you first consult with our Tierrasanta vet. We'd be happy to review your dog's health and make sure this is a good decision, as well as administer the vaccination in our office. Generally, pets should have a vaccination followed by a booster about a month later to ensure optimal effectiveness. Depending on how common rattlesnakes are in your area, we may also recommend additional boosters throughout the year.

Before giving your dog a rattlesnake vaccine in San Diego, we will also want to make sure that your dog is in otherwise good health, so we may recommend a wellness exam if you dog hasn't had one with us in the past years or so. Some dogs will experience a little bit of fatigue after having the vaccine, but this should generally subside within 12-24 hours and your dog should be back to his or her self in no time.

Schedule Your Pet's Appointment With Our Veterinarian in San Diego

Vaccinating your dog against rattlesnake venom is something to consider if you live in the area and haven't done so already. If you're interested in scheduling an appointment with our veterinarian in San Diego or would like to find out more about our services offered, contact Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital today at (858) 292-6116.

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