Our Tierrasanta Vet Can Spay Your Pet in San Diego

If you have adopted a female puppy or kitten, you obviously love baby animals. But that doesn't mean you're ready to support litter after litter of them, a scenario which may well come to pass if you don't arrange to spay your new family member in a timely manner. The routine operation known as spay surgery can not only help control the animal population; it also conveys some major health benefits while helping to ensure a happier home life. Our Tierrasanta vet, Dr. Schexneider, will be happy to spay your pet in San Diego.

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Some Compelling Reasons for Spaying Your Pet

There are more good reasons for spaying a female pet than many pet owners realize. Of course the most obvious of these is pregnancy prevention. Once your pet is spayed, you need not worry about whether there are intact male animals in your neighborhood. Spaying not only makes conception and pregnancy impossible, giving you total control over the number of animals living in your home -- but on a larger scale, it contributes toward controlling the number of pets who must be destroyed each year in shelters due to insufficient housing and resources.

Spaying also makes your pet happier, more comfortable and more agreeable. Intact females are subject to heat cycles, with hormonal changes that can create frustration, aggressive behavior, and a compelling desire to explore potentially dangerous areas in search of mates. Best of all, it conveys important health benefits. Spaying eliminates your pet's risk of uterine or ovarian cancer while significantly lowering the risk of breast cancer, potentially extending your pet's life.

Spay Surgery From Our San Diego Veterinarian: What to Expect

While sterilization is considered major surgery, your pet is in good hands at Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital. The standard form of spay surgery is ovariohysterectomy. Our San Diego veterinarian makes an incision in the abdomen, then removes the uterus and ovaries. Depending on your pet's size, age, and whether she is currently in heat, this procedure may take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. The anesthesia may take a few hours to wear off and later that day you take your pet home.

Our Tierrasanta vet clinic can provide you with the necessary post-operative instructions on feeding, limiting activities and watching the wound for any complications that might call for a return visit. We can also provide post-operative necessities such as pain medication and a neck collar to keep your pet from licking or biting the incision as it heals.

Call Our Veterinarian in San Diego to Schedule Spay Surgery

It's great to know that your trusted veterinarian in San Diego is always ready to provide your beloved pet with a lifetime of necessary care, from emergency treatment to important preventative procedures such as sexual sterilization. If your female pet needs to be spayed, call (858) 292-6116 to get more information and schedule that surgery!

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