Pet Wellness Plans

Pet Wellness Packages At Your Veterinarian in San Diego

Pet wellness visits at the veterinarian in San Diego is vitally important to the health and well being of your pet. As your Tierrasanta vet, we provide pet wellness packages to make dog and cat wellness easy and straight forward.

puppies and kittens

Puppy and Kitten Pet Wellness Package

All puppy and kitten pet wellness packages include a 20% discount off of a variety of important services for pets, including:

• Vaccinations. Vaccinations help your pet avoid common illnesses and diseases.

• Microchipping. Microchipping services can reunite pet families if your pet should run away or become lost.

• Life stage testing. We'll perform a full physical examination of your pet to ensure that he or she is healthy.

• Deworming. Deworming helps us protect your pet from parasites.

Dog Preventative Care

Adult dogs are at risk for a variety of diseases and conditions, and as they age, the risk grows. Diabetes, heart disease, periodontal disease and other conditions can affect your pet's quality of life. To ensure that your dog is protected, we provide a range of dog preventative care services, including:

• Comprehensive physical examination. During the comprehensive physical examination, we'll examine your pet's body including his or her skin, eyes, ears, breathing, heart rate and more.

• Chemistry profile and CBC. Your dog's blood chemistry profile will give us information about the important systems in your pet's body.

• Fecal test. We'll test your pet's feces for intestinal parasites.

• Infectious disease screening. This test helps us determine whether or not your dog has been exposed to parasitic diseases.

For older dogs, we also provide healthy senior dog testing. In addition to all the above tests, the senior dog testing package also includes a thyroid function test and complete urinalysis.

Cat Preventative Care

Cat preventative care can help your cat stay healthy at all stages of life. Our cat preventative care package bundles together a variety of tests and examinations to help us protect your cat from problems like parasites and disease. The cat preventative care package includes:

• Complete physical examination. We'll examine your cat's entire body, including his or her breathing, weight and heart rate.

• Chemistry Profile and CBC. The blood chemistry profile helps us learn important information about your cat's bodily systems.

• Fecal test. We'll perform a fecal test to determine whether or not your cat has been exposed to intestinal parasites.

• Infectious disease screening. This screening helps us determine whether or not your cat has been exposed to parasitic diseases.

We also provide a senior cat preventative wellness bundle which includes all of the features of the standard cat wellness bundle and also includes the thyroid function test and urinalysis.

Contact Your Pet's San Diego Veterinarian

As your pet's San Diego veterinarian, we provide a range of wellness packages for our pet patients. To find out more about how our preventative care can help your dog or cat stay healthy, contact us today for an appointment at (858) 292-6116.

Pet Wellness Plans From Your San Diego Veterinarian

Learn more about the wellness plan packages your San Diego veterinarian offers!

Puppy & Kitten Packages

Includes a 20% discount from:

- All vaccinations
- Deworming
- Microchipping
- Early Life stage testing until they are 4 Months old

Dog Preventative Care Bundles

Cat Preventative Care Bundles

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