Pet Boarding FAQs

Doggy daycare, pet sitting, and other types of pet care are convenient services that provide you with short-term pet care while you're away. Some people do it when they're at work during the day, while others do it when they go away on vacation and leave their pets alone. When you board your pet at Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital, we provide the love, care, and safekeeping you can expect from a premier animal hospital in San Diego, CA.


What Do I Need to Do before Dropping My Pet Off?

Ensure the pets you need to be boarded are up to date on all vaccinations. Some facilities require that vaccinations be given at least thirty days before their arrival. We can help you get up to date on your pet's yearly shots. List out your pet's quirks, behavior issues, habits, and things that both make them happy and things that get on their nerves. Providing this information to the boarding facility will help your pet have a smoother stay. Also, gather your pet’s bedding, some of its favorite toys, and some of its favorite treats. This will help your pet stay relaxed in your absence.

What Are the Benefits of Boarding Your Pet with Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital?

The first reason our customers choose to let us have the privilege of watching over their pets is the peace of mind that comes with knowing our medical staff is always close by. Should your pet experience a medical emergency while you are away, we will provide immediate veterinary care. Other benefits of choosing us for pet boarding include:

  • Animals who like to be social have the opportunity to have supervised playtime.
  • Active animals are walked in safe environments.
  • Our property is secure, strongly reducing the chances of escape.
  • Non-social animals and pets with specific behavior quirks or needs are tended to individually by members of our staff.

Our veterinary professionals have a natural love for pets and instinctively know how to handle them. Along with your pet’s bedding and toys, be sure to bring along any medication that needs to be administered while you are gone.

Pet Boarding Services in San Diego, CA

If you are looking for pet boarding services in San Diego, CA, contact Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital today. Our veterinarian will answer any of your questions about how we will care for your pet in your absence. Call us today at (858) 292-6116 for more information or to schedule your pet’s stay.

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