Dermatology FAQs

Pets are prone to all kinds of dermatology issues, ranging from dry, bumpy skin to skin infection, rash, hair loss, open sores, and other types of irritation. If not treated promptly, pet dermatology problems can escalate into serious medical issues. At Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital, we have been providing residents of San Diego, CA with reliable pet dermatology services for many years. Following are the answers to several questions our veterinarian frequently receives regarding pet skin problems.


What’s Causing My Pet’s Skin Rash?

Environmental allergens and flea infestations are two common causes of skin rashes in pets. Your pet may be allergic to a household product, shampoo, outdoor plants, or fabric from your furniture. Some dogs and cats are allergic to flea bites, causing them to break out with skin problems. Food allergies can also cause pet dermatology issues.

What Are Some Symptoms of Pet Skin Problems?

You will probably notice your pet scratching much more than normal. Your pet may also start to lick or bite its skin more frequently. Excessive scratching can lead to hair loss, producing bald spots on your pet’s body. Open sores, skin infections, red, bumpy skin are all symptoms of dermatology issues. If these symptoms persist for more than a few days, take your pet to our San Diego, CA vet for a checkup. The sooner your pet’s condition is diagnosed, the more effective treatment will be.

How Are Pet Skin Problems Treated?

Our veterinarian will inspect your pet’s body for signs of fleas, ticks, or mites that could be causing skin irritation. If your pet is free of pests, we’ll run tests to pinpoint the cause of its condition. These tests will reveal what your pet is allergic to so you can avoid them. Eliminating these allergens from your pet’s environment and/or diet will considerably reduce its symptoms. If your pet suffers from fleas or ticks, medicated shampoo and medication can help manage its symptoms until the infestation is under control.

How Can I Protect My Pet from Skin Problems?

Through periodic bathing and grooming, you can keep your pet pest-free to avoid skin problems. Pets that spend a lot of time outdoors are more prone to flea and tick infestation. By checking your pet regularly for fleas, you can curtail skin problems from flea bites before they develop. Routine visits to our San Diego vet will ensure skin problems don’t get out of hand.

Pet Dermatology Services in San Diego, CA

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