Pet Vaccinations

Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital Provides Vaccines To Keep Pet Healthy

Vaccines are the single most important way to protect pets against common diseases that can make them very ill or can even threaten their lives. These vaccines have been carefully tested and have been available for many years, successfully preventing outbreaks of disease in communities across the country and across the world. At Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital in San Diego, CA, we can provide the vaccines you pet needs to thrive.

Vaccines To Keep Pet Healthy

The Importance of Vaccines

A number of diseases can be easily transmitted from one animal to another, causing severe illness and even death for younger or older animals. Some diseases, like rabies, can be a threat to the human community, as well. The vet at your San Diego animal hospital will keep records of your pet’s immunizations and can ensure your pet receive appropriate vaccines on a regular schedule.

Core Vaccines For Dogs

Puppies generally begin a course of vaccination at 8 weeks, which continues a few weeks apart over a period of months. When they reach adulthood at one year, they are then vaccinated annually. Core vaccines for canines include those against parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies. Other vaccines are available for special circumstances, such as bordetella vaccine for dogs that are boarded, go to doggie daycare, or for areas of the country where canine flu is active.

Core Vaccines For Cats

Kittens should begin receiving a course of vaccines around 8 weeks of age. At adulthood, vaccines are recommended on an annual basis. Core vaccines for cats include those against calicivirus, rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia and rabies. As with dogs, additional vaccines are available to protect the health of cats in certain high-risk situations, such as bordetella for felines who are boarded and those who may be exposed to feline AIDS virus.

Your San Diego Vet Can Advise You

Many people have expressed concerns about vaccines in recent years. Your veterinarian can answer your questions about the safety and efficacy of vaccines in preventing common diseases that can affect the health of your pet and cause thousands of dollars in veterinary expenses. At Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about your pet’s vaccines.

Make Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital Your Veterinarians in San Diego, CA

Dr. Schexneider and the team at Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital love animals as much as you do and are committed to providing quality care for patients in San Diego, CA and nearby communities at every stage of life. We offer many services, including exams, vaccinations, preventive care, diagnostics, surgery boarding and daycare. Call Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital today at 858-292-6116 for an appointment to get your pet’s vaccines updated.

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