Hip Dysplasia

Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital Offers Treatment For Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is an orthopedic problem found in many breeds, generally in larger animals. This condition often involves genetic factors and can lead to loss of function in the hips and legs. At Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital in San Diego, CA, we offer diagnosis and treatment of hip dysplasia. 


Understanding Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia occurs when the ball and socket joint of the hips fails to develop properly. The resulting joint is malformed and fails to provide the proper support and flexibility needed for normal movement. As time passes, the animal experiences less strength and flexibility in the hip joint, which affects normal activities. Hip dysplasia can occur in both dogs and cats. 

Symptoms of Hip Dysplasia

In the early stages, the problem demonstrates as looseness in the hip joints. Later, the animal may experience pain on movement, difficulty rising or going up stairs, grating sounds from the hip, lameness, a “bunny-hopping" motion of the legs, loss of muscle mass in the thighs and reluctance to exercise.

Diagnosing Hip Dysplasia in Pets

Your veterinarian in San Diego will give your pet a complete physical to understand the functional problems. Urinalysis and blood tests can detect inflammation within the body related to the joint problem. X-rays inform the vet about the degree of deterioration within the hip joint, as well as related problems of the spinal column. 

Hip Dysplasia Treatment

If your pet is diagnosed with hip dysplasia, the vet will want to monitor the animal’s condition closely over time to provide necessary treatment. Medications are available to reduce joint inflammation and relieve pain, so your pet can engage in normal activities. Physical therapy and laser therapy can help to improve mobility and comfort levels. As the conditions worsen, the vet may advise surgery to improve mobility or total hip replacement, if necessary. Although these surgeries sound troublesome to pet owners, the animals generally accommodate themselves during the recovery phase. 

Make Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital Your Veterinarians in San Diego

Dr. Schexneider and the team at Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital are dedicated to providing quality, compassionate care for patients in San Diego, CA and nearby areas. We off many services for pets at our animal hospital, including wellness care, vaccinations, preventative care, dentistry, surgery microchipping, boarding and travel certificates. Call Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital today at 858-244-9459 for an appointment to have your dog examined and to learn about today’s treatments for hip dysplasia.

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