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ASPCA's Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month

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Celebrate ASPCA's Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month with Your San Diego Veterinarian

According to the ASPCA, there is an average of 3.5 million homeless dogs in American animal shelters annually. To combat this, the American Humane Society designated October as “Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month.” To that end, they – along with local animal shelters and veterinarians – host a variety of incentives and educational efforts to help shelter dogs find a forever home. Here at Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital in San Diego, CA, we support that initiative.

What Is It?

In 1981, the American Humane Society established Adopt A Dog Month as a yearly event to promote adopting a shelter dog to save their lives and enhance your own. Today that message still rings strong, true, and vital and is spread across the United States every October.

Why Pet Adoption is Important

Of the roughly three million dogs that enter animal shelters annually, less than half ever find a family. The others are euthanized. By adopting a shelter pet, you not only save that animal’s life but also allow other shelter dogs to be saved by reducing the strain on resources.

How You Can Help Beyond Pet Adoption

Even if you are unable to offer a shelter dog a new home and family, there are ways that you can support this initiative. These include:

  • Donate – If you cannot take home a shelter dog, you can still help keep them from being euthanized by donating your time and money to help support the shelter staff and operation.
  • Get Involved – Every year animal organizations hold special events throughout October to raise awareness and support. Help spread the word by posting official fliers, donation wish lists, and other authorized information at work, church, or your children’s schools.
  • Advertise – If you have a website or blog, there are widgets, banners, and apps available from the ASPCA, the American Humane Society, and PetFinder that you can embed into your site or blog posts.
  • Blast Social Media – Share pics of shelter dogs, link to ASPCA and other sites and use hashtags like #savedogs and #31DaysofRescueDogs to get the word out.

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