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Your First Pet Friendly Road Trip

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Your First Pet Friendly Road Trip: What To Pack and How to Prepare

Road trips with your family are the perfect time for fun and bonding on the road. If your pet is part of the family it only makes sense to invite your dog along too! Preparing to take pet road trips require a little more planning and thought but is certainly well worth the extra preparation. Let's take a closer look at some travel tips when taking to the road with your pet.

What to Prepare Ahead of Time

Make sure your vehicle is ready to go and is pet safe. First, eliminate anything loose that your pet may be interested in pulling or picking at. Secondly, ensure there is a way to secure your pet. Carriers or crates can be used in the car and harnesses specifically designed for car travel are readily available. Not only do these measure help protect you from having an animal in your lap, but they also help protect your animal should there be an accident. Now is the time to also get your pet checked out. Make sure your pet is up to date on all his or her vaccines and is fully covered with preventative tick and flea medication. Discuss options with your veterinarian about possible remedies if your pet should get car sick.

What to Pack

Just like for a person you will need your pet's essentials. This includes food, water, and bowls (or travel/collapsible bowls if you are hiking). Bring your pet's medications and a couple of treats. It is a good idea to bring a few comforts from home too. Perhaps pack your dog's bed or even a few favorite toys. It's a smart idea to bring an extra roll of paper towels and an old towel to keep in the car to dry off any wet or muddy pets before getting back in the vehicle. It is also important to bring any vaccine records and identification for your animal.

How to Keep Your Pet Happy

While on your road trip you want your pets to stay happy. Be sure to keep a similar schedule to what you do at home. Try to keep walks and meals around the same time so that you don't completely throw off your pet. This should be a fun trip for the entire family and not a source of stress. You can also keep your pet happy with a visit to the Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital to get checked out before embarking on your road trip. We would happily have a veterinarian take a look at your pet prior to departure. To schedule an appointment call our office today at (858)-224-9459. We are conveniently located at 10799 Tierrasanta Blvd, San Diego, California, 92124.

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