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Keep Your Pet Safe and Happy this 4th of July

Keep Your Pet Safe and Happy this 4th of July

The 4th of July is one of the most fun and popular celebrations in America but it is not always a good pet holiday. With these helpful tips and pet ideas from our veterinarian, you can keep your pet safe and happy on this summer holiday! Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital is proud to serve the pet care needs of our friends and neighbors in the greater San Diego area and wants you and your pet to enjoy a safe and fun holiday this summer!

Keep Your Pet Safe and Happy this 4th of July

Tips from Our Veterinarian to Make this 4th of July a Safe Pet Holiday

  • Provide a safe space for your pet during fireworks. Many pets feel most comfortable in the bathroom or other small and enclosed space.
  • If possible, do not leave your pet alone during large firework celebrations.
  • Make sure that windows and doors are securely closed to prevent your pet from getting spooked and running outside.
  • Spend some extra time with your pet during the day to help them to feel relaxed and at ease.
  • If your pet has shown severe signs of stress during fireworks in the past, visit our vet to discuss a sedative or anti-anxiety medication.
  • Calm your pet during the fireworks and sit with them afterward until they are no longer fearful.
  • Involve the family in coming up with some fun pet ideas to keep your furry friend engaged and distracted on this loud day of celebration!

Your pet is an important part of the family and it is upsetting to see them distressed. If your pet is severely stressed by fireworks we can provide medication to help ease their discomfort.

Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital Offers Full-Service Veterinarian Care

If you are in the greater San Diego area and require wellness care for your pet, call us today at (858) 292-6116 to schedule an appointment for your furry friend. We offer comprehensive and compassionate care to these important members of your family! Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital is conveniently located at 10799 Tierrasanta Boulevard in San Diego, CA.

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