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​Is Leaving Your Pet Home Alone Bad?

sad beagle staring out window because he is home alone and needs a doggy day care in Tierrasanta

Is Leaving Your Pet Home Alone Bad? Answers form our Tierrasanta Vet

Research has shown that one of most common reasons people choose not to own pets is because of having to leave them home alone while at work and other commitments. But thanks to our pet day care in San Diego and proper planning in advance, it is possible to have a pet and still be able to adhere to your commitments. Keep in mind that thought and careful planning is necessary before leaving your pet at home instead of leaving them in doggy day care. As long as you and your pet are prepared, leaving your pet home alone for a few hours isn’t bad.

Tips to Plan Ahead

If you work a full time job, it is best to arrange for a pet day care. We offer pet day care in San Diego to care for your pet while you are away for long periods at a time.  Your pet can stay home alone for a few hours as long as you:

  • Make sure your pet has full and easy access to the yard or the kitty litter for their toilet needs
  • There is plenty of easily accessible food
  • Have plenty of clean drinking water
  • They are trained to use special equipment, such as automatic feeders and pet doors.
  • Have someone check on your pet and take them for a walk and leave contact information in case of an emergency, including information for your San Diego veterinarian or Tierrasanta vet.

Sometimes you have to be away from home, so it’s important to not beat yourself up over having to leave your pet. However, it is important to never leave your pet home alone when you are going to be away for longer than a few hours. Talk to our San Diego veterinarian about doggy day care services or hire a pet sitter to stay with your pet while you are away.

Contact Our San Diego Veterinarian Today for Information on Doggy Day Care or Pet Boarding

Contact Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital today to learn more information about the safety of leaving your pet home alone. Call us at 858-292-6116  to arrange for pet day care.


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