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Preparing For Your New Kitten

Preparing For Your New Kitten

So, you’re going to be adopting a new kitten? Congratulations! However, you should be aware that preparation is key to a great experience for you and your new pet. Your San Diego veterinarian has some tips and advice. Cats are often very sensitive to change, and the new addition to the family will likely hide under a bed or other cozy place for several days or even several weeks. However, there are ways to help smooth the transition and help him or her to feel safe and comfortable more quickly.

Create a Safe Space

Knowing that cats are territorial and love familiar spaces, you should designate an area just for them before they are brought home. This may be a small room or a sectioned off portion of a larger room. Include cat essentials like food, water, a litter box, scratching post and some toys. Include a small, covered cave-like place for them to hide and sleep comfortably where they will feel safe and protected.      

Cat-Proof Your Home

As important as a designated area is for your new kitten, they won’t be content to stay in it forever. Eventually, they will venture out and “take over” the rest of the house. With this in mind, examine your home for any danger areas that might pose a risk to your new cat (or your home.) Cover open holes and ducts, address sharp areas and put away any household products that they might get into.    

Schedule a Wellness Exam with Your Veterinarian in San Diego 

Start your kitten off on the right foot with a comprehensive wellness exam. Your veterinarian in San Diego Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital can ensure your new kitten is in good health and address any issues that are found immediately. We also offer spay and neutering services. With a foundation of good health, you and your new addition to the family can look forward to many happy years to come. 

San Diego veterinarian Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital offers expert care for cats at every phase of life. Give us a call today to find out more about our kitten care packages and to book a pet wellness care appointment.

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