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  • Pet Obesity Warnings
    Pet Obesity Warnings Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital in San Diego, California, offers a wide variety of services to care for and keep your pet healthy. Our veterinarian, Dr. Schexneider, firmly believes that Read more
  • Flea & Tick Prevention: Keeping Your Pets Safe from Fleas & Ticks
    Pet Care: Keeping Your Pets Safe from Fleas and Ticks If you have pets, whether they are dogs or cats, odds are they will get fleas and/or ticks at some point. Read more
  • What to do when your pet is injured
    What to do when your pet is injured When your pet has a serious injury, time is of the essence. You need to get your pet to an animal hospital to Read more
  • The Benefits of Pet Wellness Care
    The Benefits of Pet Wellness Care If you want to ensure that you can afford needed medical care for your pet through the years, it's a good idea to get your Read more
  • Common Issues That Can Be Caught In A Wellness Exam
    Common Issues That Can Be Caught In A Wellness Exam It's crucial that you schedule an appointment with a vet at least once per year for your cats or dogs to Read more
  • Why You Should Schedule Regular Visits With Your Veterinarian?
    Why You Should Schedule Regular Visits With Our Veterinarian In San Diego Just like people visit their doctors for regular checkups, pets also need examinations to remain healthy. At Tierrasanta Veterinary Read more
  • The Importance of Pet Dental Care
    Signs It May Be Time To See A Veterinary Dermatologist A dog or cat that suffers from a dermatology problem, such as a rash or skin irritation, is likely to be Read more
  • Why You Should Keep Your Pets Vaccinations Up To Date
    Why Vaccinations Matter with Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital When someone makes the decision to welcome Inn animal into their home, it is important to provide at this animal with comprehensive healthcare services. Read more
  • Is Your House Pet Friendly?
    Is Your House Pet-Friendly? Pet proofing your place is an important part of the process of bringing a new pet home. Many of the things you do to make your home Read more
  • Senior Pet Health Awareness
    Visit Your San Diego Veterinarians For Premier Pet Care for Pets of All Ages Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital is your San Diego animal hospital that truly cares about your pet through all Read more
  • Puppy/Kitten Awareness
    Puppy/Kitten Awareness We're celebrating Puppy/Kitten Awareness Month at our animal hospital in San Diego by offering these essential tips about veterinary care for your new pet. A new furry family member's Read more
  • Pet Allergies
    Veterinarians Remind Owners That it is Important to be Aware of Possible Pet Allergies Just as many humans suffer from allergies, our pets can too. These can be allergies to fleas, Read more
  • Preventing Heat Stress and Injury in Pets
    Preventing Heat Stress and Injury in Pets As summer and hot weather approaches, it’s important to understand the signs and symptoms of overheating in your pet. Whether they stay outside throughout Read more
  • Visit Your San Diego Veterinarian for Parasite Prevention Today
    Parasite Prevention According to the CDC's last Data Summary in 2017 tick-borne illnesses have been rising alarmingly in the past decade. Since most tick-borne illnesses are hazardous to your pet's health Read more
  • Importance of Vaccinations
    At the Tierrasanta Veterinary Hospital, we’re intimately familiar with the benefits of vaccinations for our beloved animal family members. Whether you have a new puppy or an older cat, all Read more
  • Importance of Pet Dental Care
    Holistic Wellness Highlights the Importance of Pet Dental Care It is imperative to have wellness visits with your pets’ veterinary provider to detect and treat dental issues as they arise. Holistic Read more

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